A Concrete Patio in Your Backyard: What You Need to Know

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Your New Concrete Patio Project

Have you ever thought of giving the same attention to your outdoor space as you do to your indoor? If yes, you might want to build a patio around the pool or in your backyard to extend your entertainment area and have a place to hang out with friends and family. 

Concrete patios are affordable, durable, versatile, and low-maintenance. Besides, you will find various designs and styles that you can attain using concrete for your patio.

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Why We Recommend Richmond VA Concrete Patios

One of the main reasons why we recommend concrete for your patio is its excellent durability. In addition, concrete patios hold pretty well in extreme weather, perfect for people who witness heavy rains during summer. Moreover, concrete is affordable and can easily  look like brick or stone. Besides, this fantastic material can also be appropriately stamped to resemble slate. Most of us dislike patios because they are hard to maintain. But that’s not the case with the concrete ones. You can easily clean your concrete patio by simply using a power washer, push broom, and soap. A session then follows with a hose to remove any soap suds.

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Types of Concrete Patios

There are a variety of concrete patios that you can install for your house. Here are a few basic ones:

Stamped Concrete

If you are on a tight budget but still need high-end results, you will love a stamped concrete patio. Moreover, you can customize stamped concrete patios with different patterns and colors to achieve the style of your choice.

Stained Concrete

Do you want a high-end-looking patio that remains perfect even after many years? Stained concrete patios are your best bet as they are very durable. Moreover, they include a mix of stain and wet concrete which is then coating with a low-maintenance acrylic sealer.

Poured Concrete

Poured concrete patios are also relatively low-maintenance and inexpensive; however, you will have to hire a good professional for this job. An immature contractor may pour the concrete wrongly and cause unnecessary crumbles and cracks in the area. The poured concrete patio can either be colored with various shades or left as it is.

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Concrete Patio Construction Services

Things to Know Before Building a Concrete Patio

So, if you want to get your first concrete patio, we are here to help. First, however, you need to consider a few significant questions below to make this process easier. 

  • Do you have adequate space in your backyard to accommodate a patio? If you do not have any of that, you might have to clear some area to make sufficient room for the new addition. 
  • Does your yard have trees that may hinder any installation process? Trees can disrupt construction, and hence they require regular trimming before you make space for your patio.
  • Is there a requirement for a proper drainage system in the area? If your chosen location suffers from flooding now and then, you might require drainage to prevent this from affecting your patio. 

Make sure to find the answers to this question before you choose the right contractor for this job.